Chinese wholesale Grape Skin Extract Supply to Canada

Chinese wholesale
 Grape Skin Extract Supply to Canada

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[Latin Name] Vitis vinifera L. [Plant Source]from China [Specifications]Proanthocyanidins polyphenol [Appearance]Purple red fine powder Plant Part Used:Skin [Particle size] 80 Mesh [Loss on drying] ≤5.0% [Heavy Metal] ≤10PPM [Pesticide residue] EC396-2005, USP 34, EP 8.0, FDA [Shelf life] 24 Months [Package] Packed in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside. [Net weight] 25kgs/drum Function 1.Grape skin extract used to reduce cancer risk; 2.Grape skin extract has the useage of antioxidant a...

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[Latin Name] Vitis vinifera L.

[Plant Source]from China

[Specifications]Proanthocyanidins polyphenol

[Appearance]Purple red fine powder

Plant Part Used:Skin

[Particle size] 80 Mesh

[Loss on drying] ≤5.0%

[Heavy Metal] ≤10PPM

[Pesticide residue] EC396-2005, USP 34, EP 8.0, FDA

[Shelf life] 24 Months

[Package] Packed in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside.

[Net weight] 25kgs/drum

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1.Grape skin extract used to reduce cancer risk;

2.Grape skin extract has the useage of antioxidant activity;

3.Grape skin extract has anti-inflammatory, removal of swollen;

4.Grape skin extract can reduce the incidence of spots and cataracts;

5.Grape skin extract will reduced exercise-induced vascular sclerosis porridge;

6.Grape skin extract will strengthen the blood vessels the flexibility of the wall.


1.Grape skin extract can be made into capsules, troche and granule as healthy food;

2.High quality grape skin extract has been widely added into the beverage and the wine, cosmetics as the functional content;

3. Grape skin extract is widely added into all kinds of foods such as cake, cheese as the nurture, natural antiseptic in Europe and USA, and it has increased the safety of the food.

What is Grape Skin extract?

Grape skin extract are industrial derivatives from whole grape seeds that have a great concentration of vitamin E, flavonoids, linoleic acid, and OPCs. Typically, the commercial opportunity of extracting grape seed extract constituents has been for chemicals known as polyphenols, including oligomeric proanthocyanidins recognized as antioxidants.

Grape skin extract is rich in Oligomers Procyanidin Complexes (OPC) , which is a powerful antioxidant. In addition to the ultra rich potence of over 20 times higher than Vitamin C. Grape skin extract is also 50 times better than Vitamin E. Grape skin extract helps to strengthen the immune system, and also slowdown the aging process, which is of very high market value. Procyanidin B2, which is the most active compound to neutralize free radicals that cause aging, is available only in Grape Seed.

In Europe, OPC from grape skin extract proanthocyanidins has been adopted and used for several decades as a safe and effective compound. Grape skin extract has no record of any acute or chronic toxicity, no harmful reaction even under very high dosage. For these reasons, grape skin extract proanthocyanidins has become a new star in the food supplement market.

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