How to distinguish the true and false propolis powder?

Propolis powder, as its name implies, is a powdered propolis product. It is a propolis product refined from the pure propolis extracted from the original propolis at low temperature, crushed at low temperature and added with edible and medical raw and auxiliary materials. It is loved by many consumers, but how to distinguish the true and false propolis powder?
To understand the method of distinguishing propolis powder, we must first understand the production process of propolis powder. Propolis powder uses modern technology to dry the wax free purified propolis flow extract by hot air, crush and screen the dried propolis block, and then add anticoagulant superfine silica to propolis, and then get propolis powder.
The main components of propolis powder are purified propolis and silica. The particle size and purified propolis content of propolis powder can be controlled from 30% ~ 80%, and different auxiliary materials can be prepared according to customer requirements. Therefore, the quality of propolis powder is related to the content of purified propolis added and the fine size of the powder. It is suggested that you pay more attention to the content of purified propolis when selecting propolis powder. Naturally, propolis powder with high content of purified propolis has better health care effect on the body.

Post time: Oct-11-2021