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 Propolis block in Georgia

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[Products Name]  Propolis block, pure propolis, raw propolis [Specification]  Propolis content 90%,95% [Gerneral feature] 1. Low antibiotics 2. Low PAHs, can approve to 76/769/EEC/German:LMBG; 3.Organic certified by ECOCERT, according to EOS & NOP organic standard; 4.Pure natural propolis; 5.High content of flavones; 6.Low temperature extracted, retain high activity of all nutritions; [Packaging] 1. 1kg/aluminum foil bag, 20kgs/carton. [How to get it] First, we collect raw propolis from...

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We can always satisfy our respected customers with our good quality, good price and good service due to we are more professional and more hard-working and do it in cost-effective way for Trending Products Propolis block in Georgia, With the aim of "compete with good quality and develop with creativity" and the service principle of "take customers' demand as orientation", we will earnestly provide qualified products and good service for domestic and international customers.

[Products Name]  Propolis block, pure propolis, raw propolis

[Specification]  Propolis content 90%,95%

[Gerneral feature]

1. Low antibiotics

2. Low PAHs, can approve to 76/769/EEC/German:LMBG;

3.Organic certified by ECOCERT, according to EOS & NOP organic standard;

4.Pure natural propolis;

5.High content of flavones;

6.Low temperature extracted, retain high activity of all nutritions;

1. 1kg/aluminum foil bag, 20kgs/carton.


[How to get it]

First, we collect raw propolis from beehives, then extract by low temperature with ethanol. Filter and concentrate, we get the pure propolis block at 90% to 95%.



Propolis comes from the substance like natural resin, which is collected by the bees from exudates of plants branches and bud the chemical substances of Propolis are found to be various, such as beeswax, resin, incense lipids, aromatic oil, fat-soluble oils, pollen and other organic matter. Studies have shown that the source of propolis resin in material has three types: bees collected plants secreted fluid, secretion in vivo metabolism of bee, and involvement in the process of forming the material.

We can supply Propolis Extract with food-grade and medicine-grade .The raw materiall is came from non-polluting food grade propolis .Propolis extract was made of high-grade propolis. It maintains the propolis effective ingredients during the procedure of extraction under constant low temperature , taking off the useless substances and sterilization.


Propolis is a natural product processed by bees mixed with glutinous and its secretion.

Propolis contains more than 20 kinds of useful flavonoids, rich vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and other microelements, etc. Propolis is called “purple gold” owing to its valued nutrients.

Propolis can remove free radical, lower blood sugar and blood fat, soften blood vessels, improve micro-circulation, enhance immunity, anti-bacteria and anti-cancer.

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  • (3 Jan 2011) SHOTLIST
    AP Television
    Buenos Aires, Argentina – 13th November, 2010
    1. Wide of food kiosk in park as girl approaches
    2. Mid of girl at kiosk receiving payment for a bottle of soft drink
    3. Close of kiosk with a selection of soft drinks girl carrying soft drink walks away
    4. Wide of girl arriving to sit on fallen tree trunk in park
    5. Mid of girl taking box of Stevia out of bag
    6. Close of Stevia box
    7. Close of girl pouring sachet of Stevia into infusion drink
    8. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Barbara Ferro, Stevia User, Buenos Aires, Argentina:
    “I have been drinking Stevia for about 2 months, a friend of mine recommended it to me, she said it has a very natural flavour. Before I used to use sweeteners but they leave a slightly metallic flavour and really the food or infusions did not have such a good taste like they have with this substance, it really is very nice.”
    AP Television
    Misiones, Argentina – 27th October, 2010
    9. Large panoramic pan of growing plantation
    10. Large low angle of plantation with Stevia sign in foreground and workers harvesting in background
    11. Close of worker lifting tray of stevia seed plants and carrying them out of shot
    12. Large of worker delivering tray to van
    13. Close of worker
    14. Mid of workers placing tray’s of stevia in van and closing door
    15. Large of men arriving to sit at desk in conference room of biotechnology company
    16. Close of man removing test tube of plant leaf from container
    17. Close of man; Jose Cabral, General Manager of Biofabrica
    18. Mid of Jose Cabral holding a leaf of stevia
    19. Close of stevia leaf
    20. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Jose Cabral, General Manager, Biofabrica Misiones, Posadas, Misiones, Argentina:
    “The Guarani used it to sweeten their infusions, from there the oral tradition gave credit to the value of the plant and then at one point it was the Japanese that were the first to take the plant and turn it into a consumable. And now today it offers the perspective that not only the Japanese market is offering a demand for this product, but also the American market, the European market.”
    21. Large of woman walking past company laboratory
    22. Large of laboratory interior
    23. Close of workers in laboratory
    24. Close of woman approaching laboratory window
    25. Mid of woman approaching laboratory window
    26. Mid of man preparing trays in laboratory
    27. Close of man preparing trays and walking out of shot
    28. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Veronica Rodriguez, Bio-Technician, Biofabrica, Misiones, Argentina:
    “In reality the properties have been known for a long time, but now recently it is like they are fashionable or are in the focus much more after many investigations recently that have taken place. It is as a result of the fact they contain a glycoside, that’s a sugar which is called rebaudioside-A and for instance the plants that Biofabrica produce they have a major content of rabaudioside-A. And what does rebaudioside-A contain; it’s what gives the sweetness element to this plant, its origins are all natural, it has no additive, nothing, they are not artificially improved. They produce from themselves this sweetness and they have zero calories.”
    29. Large of poly-tunnel filled with stevia plants as women workers enter in background
    30. Mid of women at plants and beginning harvest of leaves
    31. Close focus pull shot from stevia plant to hands of women harvesting leaves
    32. Close of women worker
    33. Close of women placing harvested stevia plant in tub
    34. Large of women workers carrying tub to enter sowing poly-tunnel
    35. Large of workers walking towards work table
    36. Mid of workers preparing trays at work table
    37. Close of worker walking away
    38. Mid of woman carrying tray towards sowing table
    39. Close of woman sowing stevia plants in tray

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