Wholesale Distributors for Propolis block in Zurich

Wholesale Distributors for
 Propolis block in Zurich

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[Products Name]  Propolis block, pure propolis, raw propolis [Specification]  Propolis content 90%,95% [Gerneral feature] 1. Low antibiotics 2. Low PAHs, can approve to 76/769/EEC/German:LMBG; 3.Organic certified by ECOCERT, according to EOS & NOP organic standard; 4.Pure natural propolis; 5.High content of flavones; 6.Low temperature extracted, retain high activity of all nutritions; [Packaging] 1. 1kg/aluminum foil bag, 20kgs/carton. [How to get it] First, we collect raw propolis from...

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[Products Name]  Propolis block, pure propolis, raw propolis

[Specification]  Propolis content 90%,95%

[Gerneral feature]

1. Low antibiotics

2. Low PAHs, can approve to 76/769/EEC/German:LMBG;

3.Organic certified by ECOCERT, according to EOS & NOP organic standard;

4.Pure natural propolis;

5.High content of flavones;

6.Low temperature extracted, retain high activity of all nutritions;

1. 1kg/aluminum foil bag, 20kgs/carton.


[How to get it]

First, we collect raw propolis from beehives, then extract by low temperature with ethanol. Filter and concentrate, we get the pure propolis block at 90% to 95%.



Propolis comes from the substance like natural resin, which is collected by the bees from exudates of plants branches and bud the chemical substances of Propolis are found to be various, such as beeswax, resin, incense lipids, aromatic oil, fat-soluble oils, pollen and other organic matter. Studies have shown that the source of propolis resin in material has three types: bees collected plants secreted fluid, secretion in vivo metabolism of bee, and involvement in the process of forming the material.

We can supply Propolis Extract with food-grade and medicine-grade .The raw materiall is came from non-polluting food grade propolis .Propolis extract was made of high-grade propolis. It maintains the propolis effective ingredients during the procedure of extraction under constant low temperature , taking off the useless substances and sterilization.


Propolis is a natural product processed by bees mixed with glutinous and its secretion.

Propolis contains more than 20 kinds of useful flavonoids, rich vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and other microelements, etc. Propolis is called “purple gold” owing to its valued nutrients.

Propolis can remove free radical, lower blood sugar and blood fat, soften blood vessels, improve micro-circulation, enhance immunity, anti-bacteria and anti-cancer.

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