Living on this earth, we enjoy the gifts of nature every day, ranging from sunshine and rain to a plant. Many things have their unique uses. Here we want to talk about grape seeds; While enjoying delicious grapes, we always discard grape seeds. You certainly don’t know that small grape seeds also have great uses, and their medicinal value is the extract of grape seeds. What are the efficacy and functions of grape seed extract? Let’s take you to know!

Grape seed extract is a kind of polyphenols extracted from grape seeds. It is mainly composed of procyanidins, catechins, epicatechins, gallic acid, epicatechins, gallates and other polyphenols. Grape seed extract is a pure natural substance. It is one of the most efficient antioxidants from plant sources. The test shows that its antioxidant effect is 30 ~ 50 times that of vitamin C and vitamin E. Procyanidins have strong activity and can inhibit carcinogens in cigarettes. Their ability to capture free radicals in aqueous phase is 2 ~ 7 times higher than that of general antioxidants, such as α- The activity of tocopherol is more than twice as high.


1. Effect of grape seed extract on delaying aging. Unlike most antioxidants, it can cross the blood-brain barrier and protect blood vessels and brain from free radicals that increase with age. The antioxidant effect of grape seed extract can protect the structure and tissue from being damaged by free radicals, so as to delay aging.


2. Effect of grape seed extract on beauty and skin care. Grape seed has the reputation of “skin vitamin” and “oral cosmetics”. It can protect collagen, improve skin elasticity and luster, whiten, moisturize and remove spots; Reduce wrinkles and keep skin soft and smooth; Remove acne and heal scars.


3. Anti allergic effect of grape seed extract. Go deep into cells, fundamentally inhibit the release of sensitizing factor “histamine” and improve the tolerance of cells to allergens; Remove sensitizing free radicals, anti-inflammatory and anti allergic; Effectively regulate the body immunity and completely improve the allergic constitution.


4. Anti radiation effect of grape seed extract. Effectively prevent and reduce the damage of ultraviolet radiation to the skin and inhibit the lipid peroxidation caused by free radicals; Reduce the damage to skin and internal organs caused by computer, mobile phone, TV and other radiation.


5. The effect of grape seed extract on reducing blood lipid. Grape seed extract is rich in more than 100 kinds of effective substances, of which unsaturated fatty acid linoleic acid (which is necessary but cannot be synthesized by human body) accounts for 68-76%, ranking first among oil crops. It consumes 20% cholesterol from unsaturated to saturated state, which can effectively reduce blood lipids.


6. Protective effect of grape seed extract on blood vessels. Maintain the appropriate permeability of capillaries, increase the strength of capillaries and reduce the fragility of capillaries; Protect cardiovascular and cerebral vessels, reduce cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis, prevent cerebral hemorrhage, stroke, etc; Reduce blood lipid and blood pressure, inhibit thrombosis and reduce the occurrence of fatty liver; Prevent edema caused by fragile vascular wall.

Post time: Mar-23-2022